Medical Shipment Saves Hospital from Shutdown

Every year, our supporters help ship a container full of medical supplies to Barthimee Hospital in Senegal, West Africa. Barthimee hospital is the missional medical outreach. The shipments include basic medicines, masks, protective gear, testing equipment, and more. These supplies often come at a crucial time for Barthimee and keep them from having to turn patients away.   

Medical Shipment 1

During the COVID-19 pandemic, several workers at Barthimee Hospital tested positive for the virus and had to be quarantined. The government was seriously concerned and considered shutting down the hospital. But, just before the order was given, our most recent shipment of medical supplies arrived

Medical Shipment 2

Like a blessing of manna from Heaven, the shipment came at just the right time and was exactly what the hospital needed in order to continue operations in a safe and effective manner. Seeing the outside support from Partners International, the government officials decided to allow Barthimee to remain open and treat patients. Not only that, Barthimee is now receiving positive support and some funding from the government.  

Assistant Nurse Mamie who manages the pharmacy shared, “Because of this shipment, our ministry does not have to worry about shortages of certain products for a long time. We will be able to keep medication costs low in order to serve as many poor patients as possible.” By keeping costs low, more patients will come to Barthimee Hospital, and in turn, more people will hear about the saving grace of Jesus Christ.  

medical shipment saved hospital

At Barthimee Hospital all patients are treated with the dignity, love, and care all of God’s children deserve. Not only do the hospital staff treat patients for their physical conditions, but the staff is dedicated to sharing the Gospel with as many people as possible. Whether it be through evangelistic material in the lobby, a conversation a doctor has with a patient, or a nurse’s loving care, patients learn about the Gospel message. Barthimee Hospital has a strong reputation in their community as a Christian hospital that provides some of the best care around. 

What a blessing it is to help keep a hospital running during this global pandemic. Without the help of our donors, we could not have shipped the container and Barthimee may have been shut down. But because of the faithfulness and generosity of our donors, the people of Senegal can receive care from the Hospital and the opportunity to receive everlasting hope of an eternal relationship with Jesus Christ. 

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