Medical Outreach Opens Doors

Doctor and patient sitting in chairs

Since 2016, our International Partner, Ba-Iyaka, has been ministering to the Fulani people group by the border of a neighboring West African country. The ministry is doing this work through the giftings and passion of Pastor Koro and his wife. Both of them are part of the medical field.


Islam is the main religion practiced there, and it is a gateway to radical groups from a neighboring country. Pastor Koro says, “There is a desperate need for a Christian presence.”


Over the years, support for this ministry outreach led to establishing a small clinic to provide free medical assistance and free medicine distribution. A few villagers also benefitted from the ministry’s goat project. As a result of these efforts, five churches have been planted.


Pastor Koro reports on recent progress. “We have been able to enlarge the clinic and continue implementing the mobile clinic in ten camps. We continue to provide free medical care and plant churches. Some families have also seen their goat herds grow.”


He adds, “This program is of great importance for the communities. We need to do more, showing God’s love to these people who have never heard the Gospel.”


But this work is facing some challenges. “We suffer sabotage from the extremists,” he explains. “They tell people not to visit the clinic because the Word of God is preached there. We also have material challenges, especially a shortage of medicine and even finances to cover the logistics. Please pray for us that God will provide and bring many people to Himself through us. Thank you.”


Name changed for security.

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