Medical Health Project

Barthimee’s neurosurgeon has been supported the last six months through Partners International funding. Two other technicians have opened radiology and ophthalmology departments, with the same channel of support.

The X-ray machine is currently leased from a private provider. Profits are shared with him. Buying a new machine is budgeted, but the partners have not yet had the necessary funds. The equipment for the operating room for the neurosurgeon is not yet up to standards we want.

Dr. Roslyn tells this story: “A patient came to us six weeks after giving birth to a stillborn. She was suffering from fever, abdominal pain, diarrhea and paralysis of the upper limbs. After consultation, we told her that there was no treatment for her paralysis, but that Jesus loved her and could come to her rescue. We asked if we could pray for her in the name of Jesus, and she agreed without hesitation. It was from that moment that healing began gradually in the body of this woman. She could even move her legs in all directions, which was unimaginable a few moments earlier. Six weeks later she was walking again and all the pain had disappeared.”


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