Medical Caravan & Youth Camp

What a blessed month we had!

We want to share some of the great things the Lord has been doing for us and with us.
Our ministry functions in the northern part of our country in Central Asia; where we desire to see restoration and development among our people. We believe it is necessary to develop every area of people’s lives.

Recently, we had a conference for the leaders of local villages. At the conference, we taught on Integral Disciple Making Movement (IDMM). Within this program, we developed a seed project proposal for every village. The participants were very engaged while learning about community development and excited to use their new-found knowledge.

By the end of the conference, we identified two locations for the Medical Caravan and the Youth Camp. To determine the two areas, we used seed project proposals, trying to figure out where people see the most need. For both of these projects, we will bring the teams and local people will be responsible for hosting the teams, organizing venues, etc.

KGIC May June 2019 Update3
The medical caravan will be provided in three villages from August 19th to the 23rd. The youth camp will be held on June 25th to the 30th near the Lake. We thank God for the director of the children’s sanatorium who gave 50% discount for village children; there will be 61 children attending. Thank God for the director’s heart since he wants to do his best to help them. May the Lord bless his health and family!

We continue to learn the Disciple Making Movement (DMM) skills and implement this knowledge in our work. We had one more training on DMM in May. The theme was “Jesus tactics in finding Person of Peace.” It is a great help for us to learn these things because, through Community Development work, we want to see the spread of the Kingdom of God in our area.

  • Please join us in prayer for upcoming events – Youth Camp and Medical Caravan.
  • Also, pray for new disciples to emerge as a result of these efforts and other CD work we are doing.
  • Pray for the safety of the team members, health, and families.

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