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ISSG-media outreach

We are currently working on the final production of the seventh and eighth episodes of a projected total of 13 videos. The project is exploring new places for shooting. We recently filmed an episode in the town of Burqin near Nazareth. In this town live 7,500 Muslims and only 20 Christian families. The episode focuses on the spiritual message that Jesus accepts all segments of society and is able to perform miracles as he did 2,000 years ago. It also projects the authenticity of the place, and the legacy of the Christian faith and the Bible.

We praise the Lord for this creative opportunity to reach out for Arabs with such great tools. His Word is indeed living and active. We find many opportunities to give out the Word of God with touching stories of people starting to have a relationship with God after listening to a Christian message in a CD, or starting to go to church. Since the Arab culture tends to be an oral one, we seek to facilitate and simplify the delivery of the Gospel. This is done through content that suits each level. JEO has been doing this work for many years with increasing success year after year as we adapt to local tastes and the environmental change in the region and worldwide. We seek to see more Christians owning and using Christian materials.

The political situation and risk of traveling throughout the West Bank has affected our logistical efforts to reach out to distant areas. However, we have compensated through finding other digital platforms to spread the Word of God.

Last Christmas, we distributed thousands of evangelistic materials for kids, adults and the family throughout Israel and Palestine. Those included CDs that contain Christian songs and a Bible message. In addition we also gave out thousands of calendars, coloring books and other materials. We pray that they will touch the hearers and readers of God’s Word.

The Audio Bible tools have been a great help for reaching out to Arabs in Israel and the West Bank. One minister who serves in Israel gave the audio Bible to an illiterate man who has been praying with him for a year. The minister had long promised this man an audio Bible, and he was blessed to receive it. He spent the night listening to it until he fell asleep.

Another blind lady who lives in Bethlehem told us that this is the first time she owns an audio Bible and she can’t believe that it is possible for her to be able to listen whenever she wants. Audio Bibles provides the ultimate solution to listen to the Word and enjoy it inside and outside her home. Now she has it in her purse wherever she goes.

Also, three Arab guys in their 40s received audio Bibles. One of them is a Muslim background believer, and the other two are nominal Christians from Jaffa. Despite being born in Arab families, they could not easily read Arabic, including the Bible which is difficult for an average person to read in classical Arabic. They went to Israeli public schools where emphasis was only on teaching Hebrew language and not Arabic or English. They are listening to the Bible on a daily basis now.

We are taking all opportunities to share the Gospel with many people. Hundreds of people pass everyday by the bookshop in Jerusalem and see our daily Bible verse. Ninety percent, if not more, are non-Christians. Young and old people stop and read it. It is a new idea that they don’t see in other places, thus it gets their attention.

A religious Muslim lady came into the bookstore to inquire about what we offered. She said, “ I read what was written on the white board at the entrance, and I loved it. It really poses a great challenge for us and me personally!” The daily saying read: “Love your neighbor as yourself!” We gave her a Christian magazine and she accepted it hesitantly because it is not acceptable for non-Christians to own Christian materials. Let us pray for our Lord Jesus to reveal Himself to this lady!

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