Meager Beginnings

My name is Pastor Jahi* and I live in Nakikarfi. I have been a servant of God for several years. I have attended several trainings through seminars, but I have been through two training courses that opened my eyes so that I could work more effectively.

The training given in June 2018 gave me new life in my ministry. Although I live in the village of Nakikarfi, I must make sure that there are villages around which I must visit and make sure that they find the joy of the Lord through the Gospel. I was trying to get people of peace in two villages, four and three km away from where I live. I visited them from time to time while sharing the word of God together in their homes.

During the same year (2018) In Nakikarfi, the ministry organized a great evangelism outreach which allowed us to be better seen by the population of the villages and their surrounding areas. In this work many of the sick people were cared for and many people heard the gospel for three days.

I also had a training on micro-enterprise and how to start from 0 Francs. I started from my meager savings. Then, whatever I earned, I invested again. Today I have a mill and the whole village comes to me to grind. Through that, I got to open my own shop where I sell a lot of things.

The front of my shop has become a place where people come, and I take this opportunity to proclaim the word of God. I take good care of my family and go out for work outside the village on my own, I don’t wait for someone to give me a job. I work and also give so that the work of God may advance.

Thanks again for the training.

*Name changed for security reasons.

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