Serving University Students and School Children

Responding to the Garissa University killingsBricks laid for a foundation

One of the efforts we have been a part of is assisting those who have been impacted by the Garissa University killings in Kenya. Working with a local Christian psychiatrist, we have offered counseling to students. About twenty-nine affected students went through a debrief session with us in April. Unfortunately, though, few students wanted to participate in counseling. When the university closed, it was difficult to find the students scattering across the country.

During the post-traumatic debrief offered by another organization, two female students, who had not known that each other had survived the Garissa attack, were reunited. They met with hugs and tears of joy. We are now continuing to work with the Christian psychiatrists to offer long-term assistance to the affected.

Building classrooms 

We have also purchased a brick making machine and transported it to a village in Northern Kenya. We will be making 3,500 bricks, in order to build a classroom. The structure will benefit four hundred children, most of whom are from poor backgrounds. Thus we will be able to admit more children and serve more families. We believe that through impacting the children, we can change the community.

We have also almost finished building two other classrooms, and are now hurrying to put up the roof so that the walls will not be spoiled by the harsh weather. These classrooms are for two hundred students, who don’t yet have a classroom. We currently have four hundred and two students learning with only four classrooms to teach in. In other words, one class has to accommodate more than eighty students, which fails to meet government requirements.

Our main challenge is that quality teachers and civil servants have left the area due to fear of insecurity. Nonetheless, we plan to raise money for the remaining parts needed to finish the structures, so that we may put up the roofs and construct the septic tanks. Hopefully, the classrooms will be finished soon. Equipping the classrooms with chairs and lockers and building a toilet for the girls is also a work in progress.

Sponsor a Child (SAC)

We currently have sixty-one children in the SAC program. Insecurity has had its toll, however, and some children have been transferred as parents had feared. Increased danger has also affected education in Northern Kenya by influencing many good teachers’ decisions to flee the area.

Nonetheless, there are also inspiring stories. Madou, for example, was in a public school. He joined one of our schools under a full scholarship in the third grade. Madou proceeded to one of the best performing high schools in the country, having attained high marks. He is currently in his third year in Kenyatta University, pursuing a Public Health degree and has shared his vision of returning home to give back to his community.

Please continue to pray for the children and that they will thrive.

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