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ISSG July 2017 Update Mary_Story


We praise God for the opportunity to reach out to the Arab community with audio Bibles. There is a strong tradition of oral storytelling in Arab culture. Audio Bibles are an effective way to communicate the Good News.


These audio Bibles are designed in a creative way. They are solar powered and can be used with headphones or with their inbuilt speaker. In certain communities owning a Bible is unacceptable or even dangerous. The audio Bibles convert to a radio when discretion is necessary.


Mary* is one lady who received an audio Bible. She lives with her sister, who is a believer, and her brother who suffers from mental illness. On our first visit, we noticed that Mary was interested in learning more about the Lord, but she cannot read and write.


Our team returned to their home and gifted her with an audio Bible. She was delighted! Mary has been enjoying learning as she listens to God’s Word and her sister has been assisting her by explaining anything that she doesn’t understand.


The family suffered great loss recently as their other sister died from complications during kidney dialysis. Our team has been counseling the family, offering support, and praying for them. Please keep the family in your prayers.


Praise God for His work in the hearts of all the people we serve in this Land. The follow-up and discipleship ministry is growing and reaching new heights. The discipleship materials in Arabic are a great blessing for the team as they are using it with every seeker depending on their own level of understanding and maturity in the faith.


Pray that:

  • The Word of God will flourish as our discipleship and follow-up teams meet with new believers encouraging them in their walk with the Lord.
  • Please pray for new believers from the Muslim community. Pray that they would be encouraged through the discipleship team as they grow and develop their faith.


Learn more about this ministry here.


*Name has been changed for security reasons. 

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