Mandingo Mission

WA Elderly Man

The Mission among the Mandingo people is progressing well, thanks to your prayers.

One of our missionaries in B*, Jakum*, shared the following:

“We are encouraged by the work of evangelism. God blessed us with a man of peace, an elderly man – Father M* who opened his home for us to hold Bible studies and other church meetings with about 20 people. Father M is open to the Word of God, but he has not yet made the public decision to follow Christ.

Father M told Jakum, “I was born here, and always lived here. But I have never heard about the way to God in the manner you teach it and live it out.”

Father M* has eight family members who embraced the Christian faith. Two of them moved to the capital city and the rest of them are his daughters. His daughters are local and often attend our Sunday service with him.

Father M* is a well-respected elder in the community. Although he is not himself Mandingo background, we thank God for him being our man of peace and being a door, to allow others to hear about Christ Jesus. Because of him we have an open door in this region, the opportunity to touch many people.

Thus far we know of several people who heard the Gospel for the first time through us and make the decision to follow Christ while in other areas/countries. We know God is working in their hearts, so we’ll keep planting, and God will do the rest!

Jakum’s prayer requests
  • Pray for the seekers in B and in the surrounding villages. Several Muslim people believe the Word, but they are afraid to make a public decision.
  • Pray also for those being persecuted because of their faith. They are ten in a neighbor village, and we have more in other communities.
*Names have been changed or removed for security.

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