Made Unique

Our country is fairly new to the idea of Community Development. Our goal is to help people develop a way of thinking where they view themselves as change agents. We are always seeking ways to improve and refresh our approach.

We have a new training program called Authentic Lives and had a 2-day training in a remote area of the country.

This workshop focuses on how God has uniquely created people as individuals and how they can use what makes them unique to serve others, especially those in the “valley of dry bones.” We don’t preach the Bible directly in this workshop, but the Bible is our foundation, and we pray that God will speak to the participants through His Holy Spirit. Our hope is for people to have moments of revelation.

Here is a story of one of the training participants:

Rita* has been working in the crisis center for women for several years. Many times, she was told by other people that this is not what she has to do, because she needs to take care for her own life and solve her own problems; otherwise, how she can help others? Many times, she was discouraged. So, she had a lot of wrong thoughts about herself. But during the Authentic Lives seminar, God revealed to her, her natural talents (values and strengths), character and her personality, also how she can use her uniqueness to serve other women. She discovered that helping women and children in a crisis situation is her fundamental value. During the session, she was amazed that God had spoken to her and gave the answers she had been praying about. She was seeking to find her own identity, her life calling, and this training helped her to become really confident about who she is and what she needs to do.


She could also identify and reject her fears. She often compared herself with a flower. When she was afraid she felt like a flower that was withering away because her self-esteem was very low. After praying and being equipped with His power, she could reject her fears and become strong in Him! She then felt like a flower in full bloom.

Please continue to ask God for more of His kingdom in Central Asia.

  • Pray for the active involvement of local churches in Community Development. Only a few have an understanding of the holistic mission and community development. We really believe change should come through churches!
  • Continue to pray for ongoing community development projects in two local villages.
*Name changed for security purposes.

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