Love Your Neighbor as Yourself

When we meet up with people who want to know more about Christ, we pray for their physical and practical needs to be met. Often these needs can become a barrier between someone and God. It is a blessing when we see someone growing in faith despite facing difficulties.

Love your neighbor

Shmuel is a young man that we often visit in the hospital. He is encouraging us as he is reading from the Bible. He appreciates how the body of Christ is taking care of him because he is lonely in a city that has no other Christians. Please pray that the Lord continues to work in his life and heal him physically too.

In loving our neighbor, we need to put our words into action and do good as Jesus did, setting an example for others to live by. As we visit the homes of unreached people, we get excited to be able to put a smile on their faces. Many visits are full of tears but end in clarity and smiles of assurance as the good news is spread that God is here, and He hears the cries of those who are lowly in spirit.

We were blessed by a particular “peacemaker” woman who took us around her village. As we prayed with her and with other people, she said that she feels peace every time we do so and that we pray in a different way than they are used to.

Thank you for praying:

  • Each family and person we visit shares with them the truth of the gospel; may the Lord reveal Himself to them and come to their feet.
  • For every team member who does not lose their motivation in Jesus, many of them have attacks in various areas, pray for strength, and that the Lord will supply the needs.

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