Love Touches the Hearts of Elderly Women

We continue to work among the widows who haven’t had anyone to take care of them. Most of them go throughout their day without proper shelter or food. We are committed to helping these women in the area. Our ministry has come to find that supporting elderly widows has been an excellent opportunity to share the Gospel.

Supporting this community has been a good opportunity to show the Buddhist people the love of God, as well as telling them about Jesus our Lord.

December 22, 2018, was amazing because we had a huge Christmas celebration with about 500 Buddhist people. Including a monk who shared about Christmas and the birth of Christ, there were parliament members and mayors. Many people from different religions were invited – most of them appreciated the gesture of love shown, and despite religious barriers, people attended the program and witnessed love and hospitality shown by us.

In that Christmas celebration, we invited those elderly people who were in the area for winter to join the Christmas celebration where we gave them their support and some gifts, and it was the Parliament member and the monk who gave them the support gift which touched the hearts of the people who attended.

There is an elderly widow name Geetu* who came to the Christmas program. At the end of the program she approached Rev. P* and his wife to thank them for their love. Geetu expressed her appreciation by giving white scarfs and singing songs of her sorrows and how she started receiving support which made her feel that she is cared and loved. As soon as she started singing and crying, Rev. P* joined her and sang along which touched the rest of the elderly people and Buddhist people. Soon everyone joined along and danced with joy forgetting their pain and sorrows.

*The names have been changed for security purposes

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