Love for Children Who Never Knew Love

Love for Children Who Never Knew Love copyJordan* is a boy in our Sponsor a Child (SAC) program. Participating in a program sponsored by our ministry, our local worker George* went to Jordan’s* school. The program is called You Are Special. Every kid has the chance to listen to words of encouragement from our local workers. There was a portion of the program dedicated to celebrating the birthdays of the children, even though it wasn’t the specific day. During the visit, Jordan* cried many times. George* felt concerned. He went to him asked what happened.

Jordan* said, “I never heard any words of encouragement from my either of my parents. They never said anything like ‘I love you’, and I never felt as though I was special to them. I don’t feel like I’m loved by anyone.” Hearing this, George* felt pain in his heart, but he was also grateful that kids like Jordan* could experience love through this ministry team. George* was very happy that this ministry was meaningful for the children. They could savor the feeling of being cared for, loved, valued, and comforted. We would love to invite you pray for Jordan* and kids like him – that one day they will experience His complete love.

*Names have been changed for security reasons

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