Love of Christ changes lives

NPRH June 2017 Update-SAC children at play


Menji* is a little girl studying in grade two. Her father is a Buddhist Priest in the village. Among her other seven siblings, she is the only one who is studying. Her two older brothers are in India, in a monastery. Her older sisters help her mother in the household and take care of the youngest brother and goats.


Menji’s father never liked Christians. He often spoke badly about them. However, soon after receiving the SAC sponsorship he saw a difference in his daughter. Even the teachers noticed that she had changed for the better. Her dad began to soften his views of the Christian community as a result of the change in his daughter’s life and the support that she received through the SAC program.


We are excited because there has been positive change and response from Buddhist parents. We attribute this to the love of Christ and pray that these families turn to the Good News. Please join us in prayer.


*Name has been changed for security reasons. 


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