Lost Woman in Need

Many times God uses troubles in our lives to make us think of Him and draw us closer to Him. Lia*, a beautiful 32-year-old woman, is from a Muslim Unreached People Group that Cahaya Suku serves. Despite being a hard-working and honest person, Lia has gone through many troubles in her life. She has married four times and divorced her fourth husband last year. Apparently, Islam has made divorce so easy to do in this area. Only four of her seven children are still living. Now her 12-year-old son wants to attend junior high school, but Lia can’t afford to continue sending him to school.

A few months ago, Echa*, a local woman who recently believed in Jesus, shared her faith with Lia. Lia didn’t understand Echa’s story, but she willingly listened. Then Echa introduced her to Ani*, a worker from Cahaya Suku. Ani started building a friendship with Lia. A few weeks later, as a part of our Women’s Ministry program, we held a seminar on Poisoning Prevention and invited Lia.

Sixteen women attended the seminar. They all seemed to have a fun time and enthusiastically discussed the topic. But Lia was quiet, smiling only when the other participants were laughing. After the event ended and all the participants had gone home, Lia shared about the difficulties she’s facing. She said she wants to sell snacks but does not have the money to start her little business. Seeing her sincerity and the recommendation from one of her neighbors who said that Lia is an honest person, we decided to lend her the $8.00 to get started.

It turns out that Lia is an honest and hard-working person. Just a week after she started selling snacks, she managed to return almost half the money she borrowed from us.

Ani continues to meet with Lia and has been able to tell her about the Gospel. Lia always listens seriously to the Bible stories, but it will take time for her to understand the truth about Jesus. She said that this was the first time in her life she heard the name of Jesus.

Please pray for Ani, for wisdom and patience in leading Lia closer to eternal salvation that is in Christ Jesus. Please also pray for Lia that she will continue to seek the truth.

*Names changed for security reasons.



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