We were lost; now are found!

As part of the Living Gospel Ethiopia training program in 2016, our team went to many areas where we hoped to develop church leaders. But when we got to many areas, we found that the church leaders were fighting for position. They also had a hatred toward the Ethiopian church planters working in their areas and even toward foreign missionaries.

We prayed! Then we went ahead with our training. We prayed that the participants would truly hear and understand what biblical leadership is about. We taught a total of 42 people in three areas. After our two-day training, and by God’s grace, almost everyone wETSI-training in goffa on healthy church leadership.Dec 2016as asking the other for reconciliation! Things completely changed in each area.

Later on, some of the church leaders shared with us . . .

“We were lost, but now are found! God came to us in time and saved us through all this training. We were thinking that when we fought with our brothers, we were working for God’s kingdom, but we have seen that we were building our own kingdom. Because of our fighting, many people ran from our churches, but now, those who ran are coming back to the church and we got peaceful worship now.”

Praise God that His power was at work in each of these areas. The enemy lost his long-held control thanks to the biblical training and the Spirit’s opening the eyes of most of the church leaders.

Please continue to pray as the Living Gospel Ethiopia team goes to difficult areas in Ethiopia to hold leadership training for men and women.

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