Looking Forward to Ministry in the New Year

Our three areas of ministry, which are relationship building, evangelism, and discipleship, are our core competencies that we use to extend the kingdom of God here in the Holy Land. We came up with strategies to put our God given resources and talents to good use.

We are growing in terms of the number of staff and cross functional teams that all work in unison to achieve our ministry goals. Last year we added four team members, who serve full and part time. All of those teams are being trained in their areas of responsibility and in general Christian ministry. The outcomes that we yield attest to the efficacy of our team and how prepared they are to be the hands and feet of Christ.

Starting this year, we will execute our strategies and build upon our strengths for greater impact. We pray for favor and grace to accompany our journey over the next few years to come. We could not expect our success to come easily, but as we look back on the accumulation of hard work and prayer, we see how God has strengthened us through many years of ministry in the field. He is able to go beyond our imagination, and that is the exciting part of ministry.

This is a wonderful example of how this work is being done:

W* is S’s* husband. We have been discipling S* for a while now, and have written about her in previous updates. They previously had difficulties in their marriage, as he lost all his money. This financial strain led to tension between them. In the middle of this, W* began to see the change the Lord was making in his wife’s life. Thanks to her new found faith, she decided to forgive her husband, and gave him a flower as a sign of her forgiveness. Their relationship has healed wonderfully. He has now started meeting with us for a Bible study and discipleship, and has also started going to church in Jerusalem. We praise God for how He has transformed this marriage, and pray that the transformation will extend to their whole family.

Pray for:

  • Please keep William and Sandra in your prayers. Thank the Lord for how He transformed them and they are growing spiritually and may they continue to grow in faith and influence others in their family.
  • Thank God for the new vision for leadership and strategic planning that He has given us. Please pray for grace and favor as we implement these new strategies and may all our work be in line with His will.




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