Long Awaited Classrooms Finally Constructed

Long Awaited Classrooms Finally ConstructedThe two new classrooms at the center were inaugurated in late September in the presence of Rene, the Area Director for West Africa. Some traditional leaders, as well as Christian leaders, honored the event. The population was also massively mobilized.

Elie, a pupil said: “Since 1991, our elder brothers and sister had to have class under shelters. A few years later, part of the school was in huts built with mud bricks and roofing in chaff. However, God remembered us, as He remembered the sons of Israel who were in Egypt. Through Partners International He allowed us, the third generation, to study in durable classrooms.”

Mahammad, another pupil, added, “We thank the entire Partners International staff, including papa Rene and his wife, who elected to come in person in order to attend the key event. May God bless you in Jesus Christ.”

Please pray with us for:

  • Our missionaries in Muslim areas. Pray for the provision of their basic needs. Pray also that doors would open to allow them to share the Good News.
  • The activities of the farm. Pray for a peaceful neighborhood with the Arab nomads, as it may happen that their flocks invade the farms.
  • Our leadership training that we will hold from January 25 to 28.


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  1. George T Cochran

    Dear friends:

    As a retired public school teacher and college professor, I appreciate so much the commitment Kawkikite and Partners International has made to providing improved educational opportunities and facilities in the community. As I have seen in many places in the world, the combination of education and Gospel truth form the most promising basis for a community and nation to have hope and an opportunity for lasting progress. Most recently, I have seen this evident in Northeast Thailand along the Mekong River. My prayer is that parents and children of Kawkikite will support and be blessed by the classrooms as you give God the glory for making it possible.

    George T. Cochran, Ph.D.

    • Partners International

      Dr. Cochran, thank you so much for praying for this ministry!

  2. Kathleen Hunt

    That is wonderful news. Thank you for sharing. It brings me great joy to know that there is a good classroom for the children. I also am thankful that M. And Mme Mbongo could be with you. I am praying for you. Your friend, Kathleen Hunt


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