Lively Gift Brings Hope to Village Woman

My name is Amal Bibi*. I live in a village in Central Asia and am a housewife. My husband works for a landlord as his servant.

We have four sons and three daughters. Three of our sons are married and two daughters are married and live in their own homes. They are busy with their own families and don’t look after us, even though we are both old. Our fourth son works in Dubai, but he doesn’t provide any kind of help.

It is hard for us to meet our expenses. Because of our situation, we are under a huge debt. I can’t do anything because I am so overweight. This organization [Dariya Development] came to our church and presented an opportunity for the neediest in church to earn money. It was through raising goats!

Our pastor formed a committee to start a “goat bank” in our village. He knew about my husband’s and my condition and he nominated us to receive goats. We are very thankful that this organization has given us goats. I am looking after them and will form a small bank to help my husband and myself. My prayers are with this organization.

*Name changed for security reasons.

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