Life Changing Dreams

We regularly have new people who come to church. Some ask for prayer when they arrive, others are seeking peace for their lives.

Over a month ago, a young man came to church, his name is Chelem*. He told us about a dream he recently had, in his dream, he saw a temple. He went inside the temple, it was full of people, and towards the back, there was a sarcophagus. The sarcophagus opened, and from it, a luminous being was resurrected.

We shared with Chelem our thoughts on his dream, and he didn’t come back to church for a few weeks. Recently, Chelem came back and explained to us another dream that he had had.

There was another brother of the church to whom had also explained his dream of the temple.

The two connected and the brother asked Chelem, “is the temple of color sand?”

Chelem: “Yes, it is.”

Brother: “Were the doors, arched?”

Chelem: “Yes.”

Brother: “Was the sarcophagus made of gray stone?”

Chelem: “It was.”

Brother: “Did it have a large courtyard full of people?”

Chelem: “That’s right.”

Chelem: “How do you know all this?” as his curiosity peaked and his eyes widened.

Brother: “Because four years ago, I had the same dream.”

Glory to God, who through dreams, continues to manifest Himself where there are souls who seek Him! Thank you for your prayers.

*Name changed for security.

TRIP May & June 2019

This photo from Google Earth that shows the progress in the construction of our retreat center, a hug, and blessing

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