Life Changing Impact of Child Sponsorship

ChildrenStudent A

“I’m a student in the second grade of elementary school. I’m very happy to receive your help. You have helped a poor kid like me, and maybe other kids. The Lord must feel very happy because you helped us. I think your help is God’s reward for me. I will learn to be grateful.”

Student B

“With your help, I have been studying for a few years. I’m in eighth grade now. Even though my family is poor, I’m happy to study at school like other kids. My Dad’s health is not good. If he does labor work, he will groan in pain when he comes back home. He has a backache problem. I always pound his back lightly to ease his pain. I have been observing my Dad. He is getting older obviously. I’m very thankful for your help in our time of need. I will make use of time and do my best at school. May the Lord give you peace and joy.”

Student C

“I’m from a poor family. My father is 61. He doesn’t have a stable job. He makes a little money. My mother is the one feeding our family, but her health is not good. We spend a lot of money to get treatment for her. I also have a little brother. He’s ten years old, in grade four now. Your help makes it easier on my mother. My life is hard, but it’s good to have you to walk with us. We are going to take an exam soon. My brother and I will study the best that we can.”

Thanks for all that you do for these little children. It is changing the world!

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  1. Sue Larson

    We are happy to support achild to become educated and find out how our loving God sent His only Son to be our perfect Savior from sin. His Holy Spirit will guide you to do His will your entire life if you listen to His voice. We love you with Jesus Christ’s love. Keep up your good school . Mar 31 Fort Lauderdale, FL 7:00am


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