A Letter to Donors by a Sponsored Child

Home of a sponsored student
Typical home of a sponsored student

“I’m happy to write to you. Though I can’t hear from you directly, I think God’s love will help us to communicate with each other. The Lord I trust is invisible, but I can feel that He’s truly present with me. I’m grateful that He’s looking upon me with grace. I’m sincerely thankful for your love.

I’m a kid living in the mountains, however, you made me feel that I can also have God’s love. Someone who has faith in God somewhere cares about me! I feel that I’m not alone.

I remember a song I learned in summer camp. It’s Child of God. My favorite lyrics are ‘Child of God, don’t be frustrated. Look upon God. He is up on high. He’s looking at you every movement. Though you are going through difficulties, you are in God’ hands.’ This song is just for me. It encourages me to not look down upon myself, but to look forward to my future and to cherish every day. You have helped me to trust in God. I always thank God for you.”

In rural areas of East Asia, there are still a lot of poor children that can’t go to school. By supporting them to go to school, you are helping their dream come true and experience Jesus’s love. Because someone cares, these children have the opportunity to know more about the world and how they can relate to this world.

Please pray that the local faith community can disciple the children well so that they will follow Jesus truly in their life.

Kitchen of a sponsored student home
Typical kitchen of a sponsored student home.


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