Lessons of Opportunity and Perseverance


Encounter at the Driver’s License Office

It’s God who gives opportunities to preach the Gospel and perseverance in discipling new believers. Like last month when I accompanied my wife to get a driver’s license at the police station, we met a man named Mutra*. He works as an operator for heavy equipment and lives about 2 kilometers from us. He’s a friendly guy and he liked to chat. After a while, our conversation turned into a topic about traffic tickets as he said that he had gotten several tickets for breaking the traffic rules.

After he shared this, I finally had the opportunity to talk about the Gospel. I asked him, “If every violation of earthly rules brings a sanction, what do you think about people who violate God’s law?”

He spontaneously replied, “If we break God’s command, the penalty of hell is inevitable, whether we like it or not!”

After that, I told him about sin and human transgression and how sin can be forgiven. When I challenged him to believe in the Gospel, he did not reject it, but he said that he would need to reflect on our conversation first.

Discipling Aman

I am also grateful because last month God opened the way for me to disciple some people who had come to believe in the Gospel. I found out that discipling people is not easy. In the process, I have to be resilient, patient and diligent. This is what I experienced when discipling a new believer named Aman*.

Aman does not easily understand what I teach. Sometimes, I have to repeat one lesson many times until finally he can understand the whole lesson. For instance, last month I shared with him the story of the sacrifice made by Cain and Abel, Noah, and Abraham. Actually, I had hoped that he would master the stories because a few months earlier, we had learned those same stories together. But apparently, he still could not remember the details of the stories.

Sometimes I get impatient and bored to teach him because I need to repeat the same story several times. Then I thought to myself: “If I get bored just by repeating it several times, what about him who listens to the same stories time and time again?” So I asked Aman if he was tired of hearing my stories. It turned out that what I thought was not true. Apparently, he has never gotten bored to learn the stories from the Bible.

Aman said, “I am happy to learn the stories because no one has ever wanted to sit with me and teach me such stories.” That was what inspired me to continue to disciple him.

The other thing that encouraged me to continue discipling Aman is his seriousness in studying the Word of God. Once I tested his seriousness by not going to his house on the day we had scheduled to meet. The next day he came to my house and asked me, “Why didn’t you show up yesterday? I was waiting for you!” Thank you Jesus! I learned my lesson!

I am very grateful because God entrusts me to disciple people. I feel the Lord is teaching me to be tenacious, patient and diligent in the preaching of the Gospel and the discipling of new believers. Please support me in prayers. Pray also that I will be able to meet with Mutra again so that we can talk more about the good news.

*Names changed for security reasons.

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