Led to the Lord through Dreams

Led to the Lord through DreamsOur ministry recently received a call from a man who had seen a video that we had created and posted to our Facebook page. His first questions for us was whether or not we lived in Morocco, and if we were Christians. We answered yes to both, and he was shocked at our lack of fear, as this is not the safest place to do ministry. He was equally surprised, prior to the phone call, to find a religious video online so easily, in his local language.

He told us of how he came to find the video in the first place. His daughter had recently passed away after a fight with cancer. While she was still alive and hospitalized, he visited her as often as he was able. During one of those visits, she gave him her Bible, which he had previously never seen before. She knew she didn’t have long left, and as her last wish, asked for him to seek the truth for himself, and gave him the book. She passed away ten days afterward. It was very shortly after this that he found our ministry page online, while he was searching just as his daughter asked.

After recounting these events, he had many more questions for us – too many for a simple phone call. We scheduled an in-person meeting with him, in his city, later in the week. At the meeting, he simply said “I want to know about Jesus.” He followed by recounting a dream he had had just the night before, in which someone came to him asking “My son, do you want to know Jesus?” In the dream, he answered yes, and the voice continued with “I am Jesus, and I have saved you.”

We started with him at the beginning – explaining the Bible all the way from creation to the Gospels, sharing why Jesus came to earth, and what our response should be as a result. Even after this, he was still hesitant. He said “I want to follow Jesus, but I am still unsure if all of this is really the truth.” Our ministry worker prayed over him, then stayed in the city another night so that the meetings might continue.

The following day, our worker had a deep time of Bible study with this man, and that night he had another dream – the same as before. He called us the very next morning, saying that he was ready to become a Christian and follow Jesus. He told us that in this dream, he heard Jesus say to him, “I am your savior – follow me and study my Word.” He was baptized that day, and we connected him with a church in the city, where he now attends regularly.

Praise God for this man, and others like him, who we are leading to the Lord every day!


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