Learning to Rely on God

This is Channary, a 52-year-old woman. She has been divorced from her husband for 10 years. She has four children and two of them live with her. Channary came to know the Lord and believe in Him five years ago. She used to go to church, but due to some problems at the church, she stopped attending.

A while later, she met staff from Fountain of Hope who connected her back to God’s Word and a cell church in her community. Through the team’s visiting and God’s love, she began to seek the Lord once again. Through weekly Bible studies, Channary renewed her walk and is committed to follow the Lord.

Woman with cow

Later, she was introduced to a teacher who taught about agriculture. Through the training, she learned how to start and grow a vegetable garden. She was so glad to learn better techniques in caring for her plants, which started producing more.

Channary was also introduced to our Cow Bank project. At first, she had no interest in it because of her previous experience. She had taken a cow on loan from a villager, but the cow was barren for two years, and was often sick. There was a quarrel, and the owner asked her to pay them back. It was a difficult situation, so she did not want anything to do with cows anymore.

After she learned more about our Cow Bank project, she was encouraged and received proper training on how to care for a cow. Her interest was renewed. She understood the policy and the process. Channary discussed it with her family and they all agreed with her. So, she took on the loan and received a three-months pregnant cow. It was a different feeling this time. She felt so excited to take the cow home with her. She began to put together a stable and prepared everything for the cow.

As it turned out, the first two weeks were difficult since the cow was crying day and night. She sought help from the Fountain of Hope team. Teacher Kiri went to visit and tried to figure out what was wrong with the cow. It was discouraging, and Channary remembered her previous bad experience. The same time the cow wasn’t doing well, her daughter had a stillborn baby. It broke her heart. During this time, she learned to trust and look to the Lord and tried to encourage her daughter.

Since her cow was not doing well, we decided to sell the cow and find a new one for her. Right now, the new cow is almost seven months pregnant. Through this process, Channary has been learning to rely on God. Knowing that God is on her side, she will continue to look to Him in difficult times.

Names changed for security.

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