Learning to Make Soap

Greetings, my name is Maen Ni. I am 49 years old, am married and have three children. I wash motorbikes for a living and earn the equivalent of $10 – 15 USD per day.

In my line of work, soap is essential, so when I heard about a soap making training, I got really interested and started looking for more information. I met Teacher Kroem who is a staff member of Fountain of Hope. He came to my village to share about various trainings from agriculture to livelihood skills. I told him about my interest in making soap, but he also brought me to an agriculture training as well. I’m also interested in agriculture, and through this training I learned how to grow my own lemons. My lemon trees are growing quite well.

After learning about these lemon trees, the teacher brought us all together to learn about soap making. I participated eagerly, and after the training I began making my own soap! At first, I was worried thinking I might not be able to make it or the soap might turn out to be unusable. Along the way I sought Teacher Kroem for support. Then, after I followed all the process of making the soap, I was surprised to find that the soap turned out really well. I am so happy. Before, I bought soap from the market, not imagining that I could make the soap myself. I need around 5 to 8 liters of soap each day. But now, since I can make my own, I’m saving money and my family can use the soap for other cleaning needs as well.

The teacher continues to encourage me. He taught me how to raise chickens too. So right now, I am raising chickens along with motorbike washing. These jobs support my family and allow my children to attend school. My two in high school require a substantial amount of expenses. I hope to send my children to university too! I am full of hope for my family.

Thank you to Fountain of Hope and Partners International for providing these various trainings. This training has helped not just my family, but many others from my community. I see a growing confidence in families. Some are beginning to grow their own vegetables as well, which will help them stay healthy. It is surprising to see a Christian organization caring about the community this much. I am intrigued and want to learn more about this faith. Some in my group have already put their faith in Jesus. Thank you.

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