Learning Humility through Unjust Imprisonment

In one of our visits to the jail, we met a woman named Mirian.* She was captured by the police and arrested on drug charges. She is a tattoo specialist, and one of her clients asked her to come to his house to give his wife a tattoo. During the appointment, the police arrived and took everyone away, even though Mirian didn’t live there.

She told us that she has no family, and her father had left them and married another woman. He abandoned them, and the rest of the family dispersed and lost contact. She also told us that some time ago she was attending a church, so she had heard about Jesus and His Word. However, during the last twelve days that she had been in prison, she had experienced two things that changed her life:

1) Before entering the prison, she was a rich woman with a house and a job, but could not love people or have friends because she was very proud. Now she is alone in prison and no one asks about her. However, she has a new opportunity in prison to follow what Jesus taught. This is to practice humility and love all the people around her no matter who they are, as she is now living in the prison with women of different nationalities and different social classes.

2) I was so demanding and picky about what I ate during my days of freedom, and now my whole perspective has changed to one of humility, and to accept and be thankful for what prison gives me to eat every day.

Mirian told us that she wants to know more about Jesus’ life and how He can change her own life!

*Name changed for security reasons


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