Learning How to Read the Bible

fountain of hope march 2019

We praise the Lord for His grace and love for enabling us to achieve our goals in many communities! It is incredible to witness the growth of churches in various parts of Cambodia. We in Fountain of Hope ministry are honored to bring the Gospel to our people. Thanks to help from Partners International, we are working hard to grow the house churches and support them in tangible ways.


By the end of 2018, the number of house churches in our programs had reached 106. Since many of the congregation are nonliterate and cannot read the Bible, we have set up literacy centers to teach members how to read. We know that as they are able to get in the Word, their walk with the Lord will only deepen and be enriched.


fountain of hope march and april 2019

Through support from the Bible Society of Cambodia, we are able to provide a learning curriculum with materials for the people. Once the members are able to read for themselves, we provide them with Bibles with support from Partners International.


God is moving in Cambodia, and the growth of the house churches is proof of this! Truly His light is piercing through the darkness. The power of the Word is unlocking God’s people to become His agents of change and become His hands and feet in their communities.

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