Learning Better Methods

Arjun* was trained in JVI for about nine months as Master Trainer. He was introduced to the training by another Master Trainer from his home state.  Arjun is very involved in ministry and has experience distributing the Gospel tracts.

After joining the JVI, he learned the importance of cultural studies to reach least-reached people groups effectively. During his training as Master Trainer, he learned about the need to reach the least-reached people groups. When he learned mission anthropology, cross-cultural communication, missiology of people groups, he was determined to reach two people groups from his village and the neighboring.

JVI May June 2019
Arjun explained, “Though I distributed Gospel tracts for many years, I didn’t know the right method or approach to do it well. JVI taught me how to share the Gospel in culturally relevant ways.”

After the training, he started equipping indigenous Christian leaders to take the Gospel to local people groups. He taught the leaders in understanding the local culture and communicating the Gospel effectively.

One of the participants, Anjatha* said, “I learned methods of Gospel sharing at the training. It is helping me to share the Gospel with confidence.”

Prayer Concerns:

  • Pray for Arjun as he trains local leaders to reach the two people groups.

  • Pray for the trainees, that they may be useful in sharing the Gospel in their localities among these people groups.

*Names have been changed for security.

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