Learning and Growing

Greetings from the Arab World Evangelical Ministers’ Association! The Bible teaches that as Christians, we are to care for the poor and marginalized. One of the ways our team obeys this command is by providing development programs through our non-government organizations that serve underprivileged communities. One woman, Mikal, has been attending literacy classes and also joined sewing classes. She has learned how to communicate better with her family, teach her children, and take care of herself and her family. “Every time I come, I learn new things to improve myself,” Mikal said.

Mikal’s daughters have attended as well. Her daughter Rani is taking literacy classes and wants to help her son have an education that she didn’t have. “I wasn’t educated at all; I just stayed at home, knowing nothing. But when I came here, I benefitted a lot,” Rani said. Her other daughter was treated badly at school and struggled in her classes, but when she started attending classes at the NGO, she improved in her studies because the teachers treated her with respect.

The Facebook group for women’s ministry that we created a few months ago continues to grow in number. We receive many testimonies from its members on how the content shared is impacting, even changing, their lives. In addition, one of the discipleship groups that was formed a few months ago has already multiplied in number. Its members are hungry for the Word and are growing in Christ. 

We also provided summer literacy classes for 6- to 14-year-old children to improve their reading and writing skills. The children have been enjoying the learning process. Some of their comments to their teacher were: “You don’t beat us!” “Mom and dad don’t help us, but you’re helping us learn to read.” “We want more homework!”

Praise God, the AWEMA staff and their family members who had contracted the virus have recovered. Join us in praying for the Lebanese people as they deal with the impact of the tragic explosion in Beirut. May they know that true healing and hope are found in Christ, and may the church in that area discern its role at this time, help their people, and bring glory to God.

Thank you for being our partner in ministry!

Names changed for security reasons.

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