Leading the Family

Ibrahim is a refugee who has been living in our area for five years. He is married with 12 children. When Kareem (AWEMA worker) was first introduced to Ibrahim more than three years ago, Kareem noticed that Ibrahim had bitterness toward some of the local people. As we continued to consistently minister to Ibrahim and his family, showing them love and respect, and also had Ibrahim help us with serving other refugees, that bitterness gradually dissipated and Ibrahim’s relationship with God flourished.

AWEMA’s ministry to refugees in our area includes a major spiritual aspect, as well as material, financial, medical, and food assistance. We’ve helped Ibrahim in various ways, including helping pay rent and medical bills, as well as providing support during the recovery from surgeries. “Kareem always stands by me,” says Ibrahim.

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Ibrahim describes how he has been leading his family in Bible reading and prayer. “We all sit on the floor, including the little one who can’t talk yet. Someone starts with prayer, then another reads Scripture, then I explain the Word to them, then someone else prays, and finally we conclude with the Lord’s prayer.”

Ibrahim has recently had two spinal surgeries. He is currently going through a long period of recovery from his back surgeries and tuberculosis. Ibrahim writes worship songs, even while confined to bed. He testifies to anyone who visits him of God’s goodness and love. We pray for his health, for protection for his family, and for their financial needs. Most of all we pray that Ibrahim may continue to grow in the Lord, being a faithful witness to Him and leading his family into deeper relationships with God.

Praises and Prayer Requests

Praise God we recently finished a discipleship curriculum especially designed for youth. It was very encouraging to hear the youths’ takeaways from the program. One of the participants shared, “I learned that my devotional time is a personal meeting with God where I get to delight in Him and receive power to overcome sin.”

The students are in their fourth and last semester. Later this month, we are holding a conference for new students. Please pray for the speakers’ visas, safe international travel for speakers and domestic travel for students, protection from COVID, and most importantly Spirit-led teaching and discussions.

A one-day retreat for families is scheduled to be held towards the end of the month. Please pray for the spiritual content that will be presented and that it may yield fruit in the lives of participants.

Names changed for security

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