Leading People

Top Himalayas offers Barnabas Treks as opportunities for foreign friends to experience life in the Himalayas, while making an impact for good and bringing in some funds for the ministry. Guided treks utilize trekking routes and destinations, usually where RHC has ministry.

Paul,* leader of the treks, tells about one trek that was different from most. He shared…

“I just wanted to pray, make sure the trekkers were safe, and share my life story as we went along. On this trek were youth from the Philippines who came with two guides. Every day we had devotions before or after dinner.

“God has helped me in many situations. Even when I was working as a guide before joining RHC, my aim was to share my story of how God changed my life, hoping the trekkers would understand and want to have a similar experience. I regularly ask them to share their stories, family challenges, etc. after which I pray for them.

“On the last day of our trek, one of the guides shared that he felt so empty and was leading a godless life. Then he broke into tears. The whole group was in tears as well.”

“About this time, three Nepali college students were trekking as part of their practical field. We ran into each other and had a good visit. I shared my life story and how God is the center of my life. This led them to ask many questions having to do with their own lives. I was able to answer them through my own walk with Jesus. This really made sense to them.

“In addition, one of our trekkers shared his testimony. Those three students listened very attentively to the testimony. Finally one of them said, ‘I usually sleep early but today I was blessed to hear your story and how Jesus helps you. What you said gives me peace in my heart.’ One of our guides shared more of the Gospel with him. I praise God for all the youth trekkers who carry the love of God and share with others.

“Life in the Himalayas is not pleasant nor easy, but it is only Jesus who sustains us from all dangers. I am alive only because of Jesus. Thank you so much for your love, care and protection, Jesus.”

*Name changed for security.

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