Leadership Training Changes a Woman’s Career Path

By the grace of God, we were able to conduct an advocacy training for the alumni, in partnership with Women in the Window International (WIW). Almost one hundred people were in attendance, from thirteen different districts of Nepal. These women are all actively involved in church ministry, and some are even full time workers of their church. They are actively involved in women’s ministry, house ministry, small group ministry, and prayer ministry.

It was a great opportunity for us to gather our alumni and train, equip, and give them space to encourage one another through stories of their respective ministries. They were trained on the topic of advocacy by facilitators, and they were able to provide helpful ideas on succeeding in their ministry in church society. It also encouraged them to hold their own trainings in their home churches for those who have not yet had access to it. The women were thrilled to have participated in this, and they have promised to teach what they learned in their communities, societies and churches.

We also conducted a church leadership training. It was a blessing to participate in outreach for one week, where attendees of the training had the opportunity to practice what they had learned. Elisha, who was born into a Christian family with a pastor for a father, said that she is planning to join a nursing college for after graduation from high school. She was not ever interested in ministry, but wanted to do other jobs.

She had a three month gap waiting to hear back from the program’s admission department, and during that time she heard about our training center and decided to enroll in our leadership training. She joined the training to gain more biblical knowledge and learn about the roles of pastors/leaders in the church. We taught them on different subjects, such as Bible study methods, types of leaders, and discipleship.

The one week outreach program encouraged her to learn more about practical ministry. She realized that doing ministry is not easy, but rather very hard work, and learned to better appreciate the work that her parents did for their church. After the training, she changed her mind about becoming a nurse, and instead decided to become a minister. Now she is in Ebenezer Bible College getting her Bachelor’s Degree in Theology.

Please continue to pray for these training that impact the lives of the people.


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