Leadership Seminars Expand to Reach Rural Churches


Our ministry understands the need to train up pastors and leaders of remote, rural, and hilly areas – those who often have very few chances to attend any regular training to develop and update their leadership capacity. The expense and time commitment that it takes for them to travel to city areas where these events normally take place is often a barrier to such opportunities.  As a result, the rural churches are often weak and suffer from lack of effective leadership.

Many women in these rural areas are unable to leave their responsibilities at home for the month-long training sessions we offer in the cities. We also offer seminars in the city that are shorter, and aim to help women leaders in these areas to realize the need for their involvement in ministry, and to encourage them to realize and pursue their God-given potential. Hundreds of women have been encouraged and challenged toward effective involvement in their church ministries as a result. This short exposure also helps us to identify and encourage the women that would benefit the most from our one-month residential training.

In relation to this need in rural areas, our ministry is partnering with local churches to organize three to four day leadership seminars in these rural and remote locations. These seminars will bring regional leaders together to specifically address topics related to the leadership needs that these underdeveloped communities are facing.  Experienced teachers are provided to help to increase the capacity of these leaders, and thus see the local churches more effective in both their growth and outreach endeavors.

Not only do they receive knowledge in these seminars, but their lives  are also transformed. We met a woman who walked for more than eight hours to reach the training venue. She is married and has four children with her husband, who is a drunkard and mistreats her in many ways. She had accepted the Lord one year ago, but her husband still has not. She has faced many challenges in her life because of her husband, as he does not support her financially or morally. It is hard for her to take care of their four small children on her own, but she is still happy because she believes in Christ. She told us: “I am so thankful to God that I learned how we can grow together spiritually, and about the importance of our relationship with believers and non-believers. This seminar touched my heart.” In spite of the difficulties, she is committed to spread this knowledge through her community.

We request your prayers for her – that she will stand tall in the community as she ministers to them. Pray as well for her husband to quit drinking alcohol and to start taking care of his family.

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