Leadership Development Training

NPNC-Tikapur training center opening

Ten women and seven men were trained from 13 different churches and four districts of mid and far west Nepal through T Leadership Training.

During our training, seven policemen and one child were killed by a violent mob. This incident led to a clash between two groups of people living in that region. This was followed by a one-month curfew and state of emergency. Our students couldn’t leave campus and new teachers from T had to come in until the curfew was lifted.

Our vision is to train 15 more leaders the first half of this year and to connect and refresh 200 former students of our T institute this year.

“A” was trained in T Leadership Training a few years ago in our 10th group. He was brought up in a good family. His eldest brother was sick and had no improvement even after trying treatments, from both witch doctors and medical doctors. One day a family shared with them and the boy’s dad started going to church. The church prayed for his sick son and he got healed. The whole family came to faith.

“A” had the privilege of going to children’s fellowship from childhood. He joined T training after his 10th grade of study. He was given a responsibility to lead youth and a house fellowship. Today he leads a small congregation of four families, which he aims to develop into a church. He wants to go on to further study and serve the Lord through his church.


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