Lay Leader Training


Many in our lay training program are believers with only up to a 6th grade education. However, they are eager to learn how to plant house churches and pastor them. In the last half of 2014, we trained 14 students from two cities who shared the Gospel with 650 people, of whom many came to faith.

We’re a lot closer to quickly multiplying house churches than we were two years ago, when we were using the Discovery church planting model without adapting it to our culture. In past years, the majority of trainees found it difficult to share the Gospel because of fear of rejection. Now they are much more comfortable with what we call “shema” (living their faith out loud) and seeing who responds. This way they’re able to filter who is interested in spiritual things. Since they only share the Gospel with those who are interested, they don’t fear rejection and thus share more broadly.

Contrary to our expectations, early this year the trainees in one particular town started regularly doing shema. By mid-March, this same group of trainees had started thirteen Discovery Groups/Bible studies, four of them include believers from non-Christian background.


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