Latest Update on the Matching Gift


Our goal is to raise $30,000 by April 30, so more than 7 people groups can be reached with the Gospel. Two passionate donors are challenging you to give to this vital cause by matching every dollar donated up to $20,000!


So far, $10,407 has been given. With the match, the total raised is now $20,814! 


Help us reach the match and the goal so more unreached people groups hear the Gospel for the first time!


3 Responses to “Latest Update on the Matching Gift”

  1. Thomas Stradling

    Were a new church plant in Spokane that will be meeting in the evenings to not pull from the Sunday morning crowds. We desire to be about networking and mobilizing in global missions with a major emphasis on the 10/40 Window! I don’t have to explain what that is to you all!!! lol The website above is our small denominations website and we are hopefully about ready to launch ours. “Missionary Church” has been around for over 125 years and is in over 130 countries. There ministry arm Generate is all about the DMM. MC is very supportive of our vision for what we are all about! We are trying to build a solid leadership team that is like minded along the lines of what you all are about. We also love and support Open Doors, Global Frontier Missions, All Nations, New Covenant Missions in CDA and others! This little paragraph was spontaneous so I hope you don’t mind! Blessings in all you do!!!

  2. Richard & Adriane Bower

    We are looking to give a check donation today, to hopefully take advantage of your “Matching” donation promotion. We have been giving annual contributions to you for many years, directly through our Church: Christ Church of Oak Brook, IL, but will be mailing our check Directly to Partners International, hopefully in the future.

    • Partners International

      Thank you for your desire to give and reaching out to us! We will be in contact with you today!


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