The Lamb’s Book of Life

Have you ever wondered what script is used for the names written down in the Lamb’s Book of Life? Is it artistic like Persian? Or picturesque like Chinese? Or universal like Latin? Have the names been inscribed with something like a pen or a chisel? Who writes the names of the believers, the followers of Jesus, into this Book?


What does the Lamb’s Book of Life look like? It must be huge to include the millions of names of the Saints throughout history. What is this book made of? Are the pages thin like those used in small Bibles? Is the cover like leather? Is it electronic like an e-reader?

Why am I thinking so much about this most wonderful  Book? For one thing, I am getting closer to going to Heaven. And for another thing, I spent time preparing to give a children’s devotional about Heaven at our annual Church Family Picnic.


Truly, the most important thing about this Book are the names written in it. My name is there. Is your name there? On Thursday, June 7th, at 1:00 PM four more names were added, Hamid* and his wife Samira* and Nilofar* and her husband Yazdan*. These names belong to four precious souls in the Persian Speaking World who became dissatisfied with their religion that teaches one must work very hard at being good enough to be accepted by God.


Hamid and Samira, Nilofar and Yazdan came to a Christian gathering at a retreat center in a neighboring country with many questions about life. Samira had read short scripture passages in a tract that had piqued her curiosity. When she finally found a Christian to get some answers, the lady directed her to email her questions to a Bible teacher. When the man discerned that Samira and Hamid were sincere seekers of the truth, he invited them to Persian Ministry’s retreat center.


It was not easy for these couples to get to the Center because both plane and bus tickets were scarce during Ramadan. The bus trip through the mountains gave Samira motion sickness. But all the difficulties were forgotten when the classes started, Bibles were opened, and the teacher explained God’s plan of salvation. Lunch was usually late because all the participants were eager to learn more.


Yazdan and Nilofar were introduced to the Bible teacher by a friend. When they were invited to come to the Center, they made it a priority to get there. Now that they are believers they would love to come again and will do everything in their power to make that happen.


How the angel’s in heaven rejoiced when these four young adults repented of their sins and asked Jesus to be their Savior and Lord. Please pray that they would grow in their new faith and become part of home fellowships in their cities.


The Lord used your partnership with Persian Ministry to bring these two couples and other seekers to faith and help them and other new believers grow in their faith.


*Names were changed for security reasons.

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