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The purpose of the Kudoti Farm is agricultural production and the training of farmers and breeders in the area. As for our 2017-2018 campaign, we are currently completing the plowing and the hoeing. We are already harvesting peanuts, cassava, and red sorghum that the farmers are storing in the granaries.

This year, the farm functioned without outside subvention, using its own resources to accomplish everything that it needed to. The director said, “Here we are at the close of the agricultural campaign. The results are appreciable thanks to men and women of God who prayed for us day and night. As usual, the products will be shared with the needy, third age pastors, missionaries in the field, disciple makers, church planters and the refugees from CAR. We thank our brother R* and his wife F* who visited us last month. A thousand thanks. We pray that God will bless them richly.”

Our prayer requests are as follow:

  • Prayer for the staff that there are funds for salaries
  • Prayer for the development of the Bekuru Evangelical school
  • Prayers for three of our missionaries in Islamic settings
  • Prayers for the Discipleship Making Movement in Kyabay, Gunugaya, and Baynamar
  • Prayers for the development of the Bridges for Women ministry.

*Names redacted for security reasons

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