Koran Teacher Shows Interest in the Bible

M* is a nine year old Latin American girl and daughter of a missionary family. She has attended a local school in her country for the past three years. She studies and speaks Arabic and French, along with her native language of Spanish.

The teaching of the Koran is obligatory for all students, regardless of their nationality or religion. However, with M*, the school has made an exception in spite of the law, and has permitted her to abstain from the Islamic Education class. Here is a story of how God used the life of this young girl.

“Mom, today in Koran class, I did not go to the library as I usually do during this class. Instead, I decided to stay in the classroom and draw a picture while the other children were doing their work. The teacher approached me and asked me to tell her a Bible story, so I told her my favorite one: the story of Ruth.

The teacher listened to me intently. When I finished, she said, ‘I love this Bible story, as well as the others that you have told me. I do not know much about the Bible, but I would like to learn more and read your Holy Book. Could you got me a copy?’

I responded, ‘Yes, teacher, I will get one for you. I will ask my parents to find one for you in your language.’”

This teacher has, on several occasions, shown interest in our faith, and has even asked us to take her to church. We pray with the confidence in Him who began the good work, and will be faithful to complete it until the end.




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