Kids pass lessons on to their dads

“Why are we ill?”, “Tooth care,” “Healthy nutrition” and “Hygiene and Parasites” . . .  these are some of the topics the Alatoo Community Development team teaches elementary school children in two Central Asian villages every Monday. When village school administrators learned about the subjects Alatoo wanted to teach the children, they were open and gave permission for the trainings.

Alatoo holds one training for elementary children and a different one for high school teens.

Elementary Kids

To reach all the elementary children, we choose one class to receive our training. The other elementary class instructors sit in and learn at the same time as the children. Then they give the same training to their own students. The children always have many questions.


Tooth care training was interesting for children in elementary class. Using visual materials, we discussed with them how to care for their teeth. We had two models of jawbones with teeth and two toothbrushes. Our trainer showed how to brush first and then clean with dental floss. Then children took turns brushing the jawbone teeth using up and down movement. Then they cleaned their own teeth using dental floss. At the end, the trainer distributed dental floss to everyone.

During recess, the children always share the information with other classes. One boy from a different class came and asked if we had a spare dental floss so he could clean his teeth too.

High School Teens

Trainings for high school students include “Hygiene; Language of Love; Marriage and abortion; Bad habits (smoking, alcohol and drug addiction) and Planning the future.


Youth are like a sponge. They want to learn everything. Then they try to teach family members at home. After the training about bad habits, three boys tried to get their fathers to stop their smoking habits. They told their dads that smoking is very dangerous for their health and their family’s too. They explained what smoking does to their lungs, liver and brain, and that they are more likely to catch infections, etc. Thank God, one parent stopped smoking and another one is trying to stop.

The trainings are conducted once a week. Every Monday both teachers and children are waiting for us. “What will the training be today?” they ask. Teachers tell us that the trainings are interesting and useful and that the trainers are very kind, active and have the skills to work with children. They like our methods of teaching using visual aid materials.

We are building very good relationships with teachers and children. During the week, when these parents see school teachers in the street, they talk to them. It is amazing. Prayers are at work in the families and communities.

Pray for:

  1. Alatoo team’s families, health and work.
  2. The ministry leader’s husband had a very difficult surgery (lungs and liver). Please pray for his repairing well and for good treatment. He is very weak.
  3. Please pray for new two villages that will be open for implementing our project in January.
  4. For trainings in schools every Monday morning. Please pray for the children’s feelings, behavior and changed lives.
  5. Thank God for our opportunity to work in the rural regions which need His love and light.


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