Joy From Jesus’ Miracles

Here’s a testimony from a Church Planter in Southern Sumatra

Typical Village in Southern Sumatera

We were grateful that God led us to meet Putra*, who is 33 years old, and his father, Arif*, who is 58. They began to believe in Jesus after hearing the Gospel from us last February. After they were baptized, the Church Planters met with them regularly to study God’s word. After following Christ for just over a month, their lives changed. They adjusted how they spoke with one another and how they treat others.

Their source of income was also improved. Before believing in the name of Jesus, they only earned about $7 a day from their workshop. Since they asked Jesus to bless their small workshop, they frequently make $20 a day.

Putra said that in the past he had 20 needles planted in his body to make his body immune to sharp weapons. After praying in the name of Jesus, the needles were removed and lost their power. His body became normal again.

During the discipleship meetings, the Church Planters began to impart the vision of sharing the Gospel with others and encouraged them to start sharing the Gospel with their family and friends. Putra, who has another job as a driver was not so optimal to outreach to others. We’re grateful that Arif had begun to capture the vision and then share the Gospel with his wife, children and daughter in law who lives with him. He also intentionally went to visit his other children who live in another village more than two hours away, to share the Gospel with them.

With God’s help, Arif’s wife, two of his married children and their spouses and three of his grandchildren have become believers. They have started to meet as a group to learn from the Bible. Within a month, nine people joined their group.

One day when Arif’s wife was sent home from work because of a sudden illness, he recalled our discussion about how to pray for the sick. Then, Arif immediately took some oil and prayed in the name of Jesus and then applied the oil on to his wife’s body. That day his wife was healed. The next day she could walk and go to work again. This moment strengthened his faith to continue spreading the message of the Gospel to his family and friends.

The family was joyful to see amazing things that happened in their lives after becoming followers of Jesus. Not only did the family’s income get better, but they also saw a miracle happened when they believed Jesus has power over diseases.

Please pray that this group of new believers will continue to grow in the knowledge of the Lord Jesus and that they will be bold to share their faith with the people from their tribe.

Pray specifically for Arif’s obstacles in reading because his eyes are blurry, so he only relies on the ability to memorize and repeat verses from the Bible.

*Names have been changed for security.

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