Journey from Muslim to Christian Disciple Maker

February was a month of blessings for our ministry because 42,887 people received the Gospel message through our Facebook page. We also had 4100 requests for Bibles and sixteen national workers available for face to face meetings. There were 51 new believers and 55 other Gospel seekers, and all of these received a Bible from us as well.

I want to share a testimony that touched me personally and demonstrated for us how God can work in the life of a new believer just when we trust Him to do so. We received a new Muslim Gospel seeker from a nearby village, and one of our workers, Joel, traveled to visit him, give him a Bible and answer his questions about Islam and Christianity. Joel met him for coffee, and the man tried to convince him that what Christians say about Islam is not true. Joel then explained the differences between the two religions and ended the meeting by praying for him and asking that he search more on his own.

After two weeks of this, the man realized that all brother Joel had told him was true. He called Joel, who prayed with him and led him to the Lord. Four days later, the man called Joel again to let him know of a miracle that had happened. His mother, who was also a Muslim, had been very sick until he prayed over her and she was healed! His mother accepted the Lord immediately afterward.

I also have a prayer request:

Recently we received a large number of requests for Bibles, but not enough funds to fulfill them all. Please pray over this need, as there are still so many people that need to read the Word and so many new believers that need access to it as they grow in their faith.

Interested in sending Bibles to Song of Sahara?

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