Jesus Reveals Himself

North Africa

Jesus reveals Himself in a mosque.

A lady from North East Africa had often been going to the mosque to pray, for the last two years. Jesus appeared and revealed Himself to her in the mosque during the prayer time. At first, she didn’t understand and told the wife of the Imam (religious leader), but she said that it was an evil spirit and that the only way to be delivered was through sorcery. One day she went to visit her older brother who was in the middle of watching a Christian channel. After listening to the program, she realized that it was Jesus, who had revealed Himself to her. She called the number of our follow-up team which appeared on the screen. A brother led her to the Lord, and she was introduced to believers near her home. Indeed, God’s ways are not our ways and His thoughts not our thoughts!

Jesus revealed Himself to a family.

A very fanatic man and all his family were very devoted Muslims, practicing Islam. One night in a dream, Jesus revealed Himself to them all. In the morning, when the father recounted the dream, to their amazement, everyone in the family had the same dream and the same words from the Lord! The father was quite overwhelmed! He went to the Imam and asked for an explanation. However, he couldn’t answer him. Instead, he went to report to the police. The police forbade him to share his dream with others.  Some of his children later came to faith in the Lord Jesus. Christ Praise the Lord! No human law and restriction will ever stop the work of His Holy Spirit! Hallelujah!

Jesus revealed a phone number to a Muslim.

A Muslim man’s wife was very sick. He brought her to see many doctors and tried many different medicines. He even went to the sorcerer for help, but all to no avail!  One night, he had a dream. The Lord appeared to him and said to him,” Why are you wasting your money and time for your wife’s health? Phone, the following number, and the man will be able to help you.”  In the morning, he phoned the number, and it was the number of our follow-up team! Our team member introduced him to the Lord Jesus, the Divine Healer, the Lord and Saviour of the world! Praise the Lord.

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