Jesus Revealed to a Family through a Dream

There was a family in the people group we are ministering to whose son who was very dedicated to Islam. His parents were very proud of him. With no warning, he became very sick psychologically.

His family was desperate to find a cure. They tried everything they could think of, including witchcraft, to see him healed, but nothing worked. One night, the father dreamed that his son was in a well full of snakes that were all biting him. He tried in vain to save his son, when suddenly he saw a light shining on the well. A man of tremendous beauty and glory in a white robe was standing in the light. This man went into the well and took hold of the son’s hand to lift him up. The son had something in his other hand pulling him down, and the man told him to release it. It was a copy of the Koran. As soon as he released it he was lifted-up, and all the snake bites on his body disappeared! The man was relieved to see his son rescued and back to normal.

He woke up fascinated by the dream and began to search for its meaning. Some Christians heard about this and went to visit him. They explained the Good News to him, and that the man in the dream was Jesus – the solution for his son. Upon hearing all of this, he gave his life immediately to Jesus. They then prayed for his son and he was healed. The whole family turned to Jesus as a result. Praise the Lord for revealing Himself in many ways in North Africa today!



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