Jesus Paid it All

IFCM works in different areas to help in the Physical, Social, Emotional, and Spiritual needs of the people through skill training, medical camps, and also spiritual needs for those who request.

These programs have impacted many lives and Nadina’s life is one of those. Nadina comes from the majority community in a Northern state of India.

Nadina’s Testimony

“I was under a lot of stress and struggled with depression due to huge debts. I struggled to repay them and people whom I borrowed from began to come home and demand their money – shouting with loud voices. It was such a shameful situation. My neighbors began to look at me in a different way. I had no means to reply to the loans I had taken… things were too bad for me, and I decided to end my life.

During this time, I met a person who came to visit my friend…as we were discussing – I began to share my problems and the situation that I am going through. He encouraged me and prayed to God that my problems will be resolved. I had no hope, but that day I found that the Jesus he was talking about will help me. I began to put my trust in Jesus.

First of all, I began to gain hope and became emotionally strong – I developed an attitude that I will face the situation because Jesus is with me. After a month, I got a job and began to repay my loans.” 

There were tears in Nadina’s eyes as she recalled her life incidents.

“I was able to repay all the loans that I had borrowed from people. I do know this is because of Jesus. He answered me when I prayed and delivered me from death and gave me victory.”

Nadina regularly attends church and shares her testimony with everyone she meets.

Name changed for security.

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