Jesus is real and reveals Himself

Omar is a believer in an Islamic country. He says, “I first learned of Jesus when reading a passage in the Quran which speaks of His birth. I was drawn to this unique prophet, yet found that others became disturbed when I began to ask questions about this fascinating Aissa (as Jesus is known in the Quran). I began to look in other forms of literature, novels, or historical books, anything that could shed more light on the person of Jesus. The more I read, the more I became convinced that Jesus was far superior to any other prophet. The next step seemed to be to acquire a copy of the Injeel, or New Testament, to learn more of what Jesus actually taught.”

Several years later, Omar was able to hold a printed copy of God’s word in his hands. Yet, even before this moment, he began to experience persecution from both his family and authorities. People accused him of being a spy and put in jail.  When Omar finally received a copy of God’s word, he began to put all of the pieces together and understand fully who Jesus himself claimed to be. The grace, love, and forgiveness reflected by Jesus surprised Omar. He says, “Mathew 5:38 was the first thing I was able to read and understand–wow!!!!  These verses showed me that I was in complete darkness, but I was heading into a completely new world, a world of love, humanity, forgiveness, and hope!” Omar learned to extend forgiveness, even to those who wished to do him harm.

Omar is now living in a neighboring Muslim nation to his own country, where he continues to seek opportunities to share Christ’s love with his own country and other Muslims. Several months ago, an assailant entered Omar’s home and put his life in danger. Omar survived but was wounded, spent two months in the hospital, and is still recovering. He says, “I am still walking with a limp, but every step, I praise God that once again I experienced His care in the midst of a difficult moment. I can share with those caring for me about God’s faithfulness. I have felt the loving care of brothers and sisters who have walked beside me and accompanied me during this time.”

 We also rejoice in the healing power of our Lord, who restores both physical bodies as well as wounded hearts, in His powerful redemptive love.

On Easter Sunday, we had a special time of sharing in the Lord’s Supper, taking advantage of technology to share this special time together. As we prepared for this special moment focused on our Lord’s death and resurrection, I remembered how Christ’s love surpasses all obstacles, all physical barriers, and all national or political borders. Thank you for your prayers for persons such as Omar, and for nations so greatly in need to hear the Gospel of Christ.

Names changed for security.

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