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May* had a painful childhood experience with her step mom and her dad. They used to abuse her physically and they made her leave school so she could stay at home to work. At the age of 16 her parents forced her to get married to a man she didn’t like and her husband soon abandoned her.


May had difficulty raising her children as she never experienced a real childhood. She was told by the relief team that God loves her no matter what. She was very encouraged by our visit to her house and appreciated the food assistance we blessed her with. May would have never heard about God and His loving and compassionate character as opposed to the teaching she knows from her religion. Praise God for these opportunities to minister.


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Prayer requests:


  • Pray for blessings on all the families that are served by our outreach teams and that they will come to know the true meaning of Easter.
  • Pray for multiplication in the number of disciples as we develop relationships with new believers.


Name* has been changed for security reasons.


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