Dream points to the Gospel message

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Rah* is a Muslim guy in his early 20’s, he lives with 3 siblings and his mom. Rah had a spiritual experience where he dreamed about going to a river and finding a letter there and started reading it. A few days later, one of his Christian friends from the village took him on a trip to Jesus’ baptismal site near the Jordan River, but it made no sense in his mind. Through divine guidance, the follow up team visited the family of Rah who was taking a day off work. As we shared with the whole family about Jesus, Rah opened up and shared his experience of the dream. Rah knew nothing about Jesus, so we took the opportunity to answer his questions. We told him the incident of Jesus’ baptism and how God from Heaven declared, “This is my Son, whom I have chosen; listen to him.” We have had multiple encounters with Rah despite the restriction faced by his religious elder brother who is prohibiting him to know more about Jesus.

Pray for Rah who is very open to the message. He is eager to know more about the Truth!

Name* has been changed for security reasons.


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