IWILL Women’s Training teaches Jewelry Making

Joshua Vision India Ministry Update Spring 2015.pdf - Adobe Reader2Mr. John Madhukar teaches the skill of making artificial jewelry to our Master Trainers (MT). She said,

“I was recommended by one of the former MTs of IWILL for the orientation. The strategy of reaching the unreached people groups was new to me. Now I have researched three unreached people groups and plan to establish at least seven fellowship groups among them.”

Sujana was commissioned as an MT under IWILL in November 2014, and has been very successful in using her jewelry-making skill on the side to support her needs. She is reaching three people groups and is also part of a women’s micro-credit group. She has equipped herself to transform the group members holistically, and not just for economic development.


Sandhya’s Story

Ms. Sandhya comes from a remote village. She was recommended by Victoria, one of our Master Trainers. Sandhya is a believer. All her group members are believers, but she is sharing the Gospel with members of other groups. She took a loan from her group to purchase a sewing machine, with which she is able to support her family. Victoria has formed 22 women’s microcredit groups in a couple of villages in the hills.

Ten MTs, along with Ms. Sujana and Sandhya, were commissioned on November 29, 2014. They represent four states of India. Each was given an income-generating tool, such as a tool kit for artificial jewelry or candle molds, so they can be self-supporting. A new class of IWILL Master Trainers will be enrolled in the first week of June.




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